BDPM Consult is an independent consulting company supporting organisations in the fields of business development and product management.

The added value of BDPM Consult is in the acceleration of innovation of your products and services and in the increase of business volume. This is not limited to provision of strategic advice, but also includes hands-on support in the implementation of your ambitions, plans and projects.

It is the firm believe of BDPM Consult that best and enduring results are achieved through cooperation with – and not solely for – its customers.


BDPM Consult is active in the domains surveillance, inspections, mapping, border security, enforcement, earth observation, remote sensing, geographical information, GIS, satellites, drones, UAS, sensors, battlefield acoustics, data distribution, photogrammetry, image processing, data fusion, 2D and 3D, analysis, change detection, visualisation.


Bob Moll is the founder of BDPM Consult. Bob has 25+ years experience in R&D-management and consultative selling of technical products and services. Bob has an extensive and active commercial and technical network in The Netherlands and Europa. This network stretches across industry, governments and research & technology organisations. Customers come from high-tech industry, defence, homeland security and aerospace sectors. Together with and for customers, products and services for sensor applications have been developed and delivered

An elaborate summary of Bob’s expertise and experience is available on his LinkedIn page.

BDPM Consult
Bob Moll
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